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Rend Team Details Coming Crafting Changes Based on Community Feedback

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Rend site has been updated with a number of big changes coming to the crafting system that are all based on community feedback. While crafting is necessary, developers want it to be fun too. During Early Access testing, the community has suggested a number of ways to make crafting "easier to use, faster to master, and altogether a more enjoyable experience". The blog lays out the most significant changes.

Here's some of the tweaks and changes to the system as detailed in the post:

  • recipes have been adjusted to use basic materials over rare material drops. Creatures in the game will now "reliably drop one of four resources"
  • unnecessary time-gating has been removed
  • refined materials requirements have been reduced
  • Construction Building has a special table for base defense. Siege Tables are for attacks; Alchemy and Mysticism tables are also available
  • crafting tiers per weapon type have been reduced
  • weapon creation has been streamlined
  • the crafting interface has been "cleaned up"

You can read a lot more of the details by visiting the Rend site.


Suzie Ford

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