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Reminder, Elder Scrolls Online Anniversary Jubilee Ends Tomorrow

Event items and quests

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As a reminder, the Anniversary Jubilee for ESO ends tomorrow, April 14.

Today is your last chance to complete daily quests for some unique event gift boxes. These daily quests could include:

  • Daily crafting writs
  • Daily Delve and World Boss quests
  • Daily Alliance War and Battlegrounds quests
  • Daily Dungeon and Trial quests
  • Daily Heist and Sacrament quests

The giftboxes have a chance to include several unique anniversary items, including,

  • Crafting Materials
  • Motif Pages for assorted crafting styles
  • Furniture Recipes
  • Outfit Style pages for one of the “Five Companions”
  • Worm Cult Motif pages
  • NEW Outfit Style pages for the Jephrine Paladin weapon or armor style
  • Transmutation Crystals

If you’re still interested in checking it out, make sure you do so before tomorrow when the event is set to end.


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