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Remember Pen & Paper RPG Deathtrap Dungeon? It's Being Made Into a Video Game

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If you are a child of the 80s, you may remember a series of pen and paper "Fighting Fantasy" single player gamebooks called Deathtrap Dungeon. If so, today's news that The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeons is being developed for late 2019 PC / Mac distribution should be welcome.

Sentient Play has partnered with Deathtrap Dungeon writers Ian Livingstone and Iain McCaig to create the first sequel since the 80s. 

The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon Gameplay Features

  • All the Good RPG Stuff - Loot, exploration, quests, combat, puzzles, character customization, skills progression, equipment, crafting, base-building and more.
  • Continual Progress, Increasing Depth: Constant progress  and unlocks from leveling up, recruiting new mentors, learning new skills and crafting recipes.
  • Creative Solutions and Approaches: Use creativity, wit, and strategy to overcome encounters in multiple realistic ways.
  • Old-School Art: Black & white hand-drawn illustrations and maps bring back the gamecocks and roleplaying games of the early 80s.
  • Cinematic Reading: Ink swirls, illustrations move, and a dynamic soundtrack adapts to what’s happening in the story. Art comes to life.
  • Learning: More critical decisions come later in the game when you already understand what’s going on. The virtual Gamemaster handles all the record-keeping and calculation behind the scenes, delivering narrative and illustrations so you can stay immersed in the story world.
  • Ease to Start, Pause, Pick Back Up: You already know how to “operate” a book. Pause for real world interruptions and later just pick right up where you left off—everything you’ve done has written a story you can reread. Play for five hours or five minutes; pause to deal with real-life.

The developers of the new game have taken to the FiG platform in order to raise approximately $200,000 to complete the game with the goal of releasing it in Q4 2019.

You can learn more by visiting The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon FiG page.


Suzie Ford

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