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Relief From Long World of Warcraft Classic Queues Incoming Pending Internal Testing

Servers getting hammered

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re been struggling with long queue times in World of Warcraft Classic¸ it looks like relief may be on the way.

A player Tweeted the team asking about the long queue times,

“can something please be done about the queues in classic? They are getting atrocious again compared to the periodic queues that used to happen.”

The devs responded that they have some relief planned after internal testing,

“We've been working on bringing some relief from the queues to the highest-population WoW Classic realms in both the Americas and EU. We'll roll that out in the coming days, after we test it internally. Thank you for your patience.”

Just as an example, folks have been experiencing queue times of 151 minutes as shown on Twitter, with some even longer. This is no doubt due to the packed server populations, showcasing player counts of over 10,000 across Europe and America.

With everyone staying home due to COVID-19, no doubt the servers are getting a workout. Let’s hope the relief arrives soon for everyone.


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