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Release Date Arrives with New Multi-Language Support

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Nival has announced that its MMO, RPG, strategy MOBA, Prime World, has officially hit release around the world. After a long beta, the team implemented many suggestions made by fans and players. With today's release also comes the news that the game now features fully localized versions in German and French.

Over the course of the game’s beta period, Nival has combined all regional community servers into a global server to create a massively improved matchmaking system for fast queues and balanced opponents during battle. Powerful new heroes, skins and talents have been integrated into the game as well. Geolocation-based rankings now allow players to see how much more skilled they are than other nearby players and a robust and detailed tutorial now welcomes new, beginner players to the game. 

Get started on your journey on the Prime World  site.


Suzie Ford

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