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Reign of the Fire Drake

Jon Wood Posted:
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K2 Network has announced the second expansion for their title, Knight Online. THis one, called "Reign of the Fire Drake" and, like most expansions, adds a large number of new features to the free online game:



IRVINE, Calif. – July 11, 2006 – New and existing game players can soon immerse themselves in a second expansion to K2 Network’s free online game, Knight Online (KOL), a MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world where players all over the globe hunt monsters and even one another. A fierce dragon has invaded the world and it’s ready to wreck havoc. The Knight Online: Reign of the Fire Drake expansion introduces new bosses and monsters, intricate zones, a cleaner, more organized user interface as well as additions to the hunting and Player vs. Player (PvP) features.

Players will explore outer limits of new territories, including a rumored Land of 7 Sins. There are at least 15 new monster models to encounter leading to a wide array of interesting and exotic baddies. What hidden treasures will journeymen stumble upon? True PvP continues to evolve as the level cap is raised to 80 and players take part in world wars with the aid of additional class-based skills. Thrill seekers will also encounter a variety of other implementations such as the ability to send and receive mail even if the recipient is not in the game and new PvP battles with different objectives at hand.

“K2 Network is committed to constantly upgrading the enjoyment of all of our Free2Play titles to provide superior game experience and to maintain the level of user satisfaction. Thanks to the loyalty of our KOL players and the curiosity of those new to the game, we are pleased to enhance and extend the KOL experience with this huge expansion,” said Joshua Hong, CEO of K2 Network.

K2 Network’s Free2Play model allows players to have full access to the game free of charge. Additional titles to the Free2Play catalogue of MMORPGs, sports/casual and FPS games include War Rock and Global MU Online.

Players craving an even more enhanced experience can subscribe to premium memberships that provide access to enhanced play including increases in earning experience and items, reduced experience loss upon death, 50% discount on item repair fees, and more. Current premium subscription packages are offered at Bronze for $8.95, Silver for $19.95 and Gold for $24.95.

The Knight Online: Reign of the Fire Drake expansion is currently open exclusively to its existing users as a test version. Any new users that joined after July 8 will be able to access the full version of the expansion later this month. To learn more about Knight Online, please visit www.knightonlineworld.com.

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Jon Wood