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Reign of Guilds Declares 'Final Stretch' to Q1 2024 Early Access Release, Testing in December

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Reign of Guilds an upcoming medieval fantasy MMORPG by Atlant Games, is rapidly approaching its early access release, set for the first quarter of 2024. The developers announced this as a significant milestone as it maintains that all their updates from here on out are part of the "final stretch" and plans to showcase its readiness for a broader audience with upcoming tests.

As part of the process to prepare for the Early Access release, Atlant games has planned an open playtest, now scheduled for mid-December, which will provide a critical opportunity for players to experience the game's earliest stages and contribute their feedback and suggestions.

The game has recently had a few setbacks with testing, as evidenced by the challenges and solutions during its fifth playtest, where severe regional server outages prevented many players from accessing the game. In addition to that, key issues included lost items, missing loot, and difficulties in transitioning between areas.

These problems initially affected the Russian player base but later extended to others due to server locations in Moscow. In response, the development team implemented direct server communication systems, though this inadvertently led to an item duplication bug. To mitigate future issues, a mirrored backend across different locations was introduced, moving away from a unified backend in the neutral zone??.

Luckily, for those still excited to assist in testing Reign of Guilds, significant updates are on the horizon as depicted in their latest steam update. Included in the list of changes are enhanced character progression, changes to death consequences and Karma, and more UX/UI changes to ensure players have necessary information on the afflictions on their character.

Reign of Guilds is set in a dark, magical middle ages world, with a primary emphasis on guild development with up to 10 levels of progression. It promises a classic MMORPG experience, with hopes to build an active community with high instances of player interaction. Despite challenges in previous playtests, the team insists that issues are being addressed proactively, and the upcoming test in December will be a big to determine if they are ready for an Early Access release.

At this time, there is no information related to when in mid-December the playtest will be, but keep your eyes peeled around early December for more announcements.


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