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Reel in Some Big Ass Fish With the December 11th TERA Update

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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When TERA is updated on December 11th with the "BAF Masters" update, players will be able to say they're "goin' fishin'". Everyone will have the opportunity to reel in some "big ass fish". The BAFs can be sold for gold or traded to vendors for a variety of materials that can be used to enhance gear. 

There’s more depth to the fishing system than meets the eye, as its part of a broader rework and streamlining of gathering and crafting in the MMO. Crafting professions will be updated, allowing players to specialize in alchemy, smelting, processing, etching and cooking depending on what they want to craft, while gathering will be updated to make harvesting tiers more apparent.

Learn more on the TERA site.


Suzie Ford

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