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Red Dead Online This Week Features a Hardcore Most Wanted Series

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Red Dead Online this week bring double payouts in this week’s Hardcore Most Wanted series.

Also this week, take advantage of double Role XP for discovering any Collectible (except the Condor Egg) in Free Roam, plus 50% extra RDO$, Character XP, and Role XP payouts int Collector Free Roam Events. You can also grab 30% off a Collector Novice or Promising Role Item will be awarded to all Collectors who complete and turn in the Deep Blue Collection to Madam Nazar.

Additionally, fast travel will be free all week. There’s also waved rank requirements on all weapons sold by local Fences, as well as all Pamphlets up to Rank 50. Returning limited time clothing include the Boutell Hat, Furred Gloves, Macbay Jacket, Winter Shotgun Coat, Morales Vest, Shaffer Chaps, Darned Stockings, Calhoun Boots, and the Cossack Hat.

New discounts this week include 5 Gold bars off the Collector’s Bag, 40% off the Pennington Field Shovel and Metal Detector, and 30% off all Weapon and Ammo Pamphlets sold by local Fences, all Criollo Horses, all Vests, and all Boots.

Check out the full update here.


Poorna Shankar