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Red Dead Online Rumored to Feature a Battle Royale-like Game Mode

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Rumors about Red Dead Online have leaked ahead of the start of beta testing today. According to Twitter user "Illogical Mods", the Make It Count game mode will pit 32 players fighting to be the last one standing in typical battle royale style with a shrinking map and a limited number of weapons. The leak also includes details about several other game modes.

  • Most Wanted - a PvP mode that sees players vie for a slot on the leaderboard by racking up kills, though the higher a player rises, the higher the bounty becomes as an incentive for other players to take them out.
  • Name Your Weapon - a PvP "free-for-all" game mode with players earning points depending which weapons they wield.
  • Team Shootout - a PvP deathmatch mode
  • Races

Red Dead Online kicks off beta testing later today with increasing numbers of players being allowed access through Friday.

You can read the full list of leaked game modes in both single- and multiplayer flavors by visiting Illogical Mods' Twitter page.

Via VG247.com


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