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Red Dead Online Receives Four New Showdown Maps

Four different modes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Four new maps are heading to Red Dead Online for the Showdown Series.

The maps include Overrun – Pike’s Basin, Spoils of War – Roanoke Valley, Plunder – Stillwater Creek, and Up in Smoke – Kamassa River.

Pike’s Basin will be a simple capture territories mode. Spoils of War will involve defending stockpiles while the enemy team attacks. However, you’ll be tasked with stealing the enemy team’s stockpile at the same time. Plunder is set to involve grabbing unclaimed loot and bringing it back to your team’s base.

Finally, Up in Smoke is described thusly,

“The calm waters of the meandering Kamassa River are the backdrop for this frenetic and explosive mode. All players start out carrying a package -- the goal is to deliver said package to your enemy's camp without getting killed. Whichever team delivers the most or all of their packages by the end of the game will destroy the enemy base for good. Other players no longer appear blipped on the mini-map in this new Showdown map.”

You can learn more about the update here.


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