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Red Dead Online Introduces 'Defensive' Mode, the Hostility System & More

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Red Dead Online has received a huge new update today that includes tons of new content including cooperative story missions, expanded Free Roam Missions, the addition of competitive fishing, the addition new dynamic events, the ability to play poker in town, and the inclusion of the Overrun Showdown Mode. As always, there are new items in the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue.

Most interestingly, RDO now has a new game playstyle. By default, the RDO playstyle is set to "Offensive" where players can engage in hostile contact with other players.

With Defensive mode, players can flag themselves as explorers of the game world during Free Roam and "is designed to let other players know that you don't want to tangle with them, as well as minimize opportunities for griefing". While PvP Free Roam missions will be present, Defensive players will not be pulled into them and will not be alerted to their ongoing nature.

Players in Defensive mode will be indicated by a shield icon, will take reduced damage from enemy players, cannot be lassoed, melee attacked, executed or targeted with auto-aim. Defensive players will also be excluded from being targeted in PvP-related missions such as Player Assassination. Those who attack Defensive players receive hefty penalties via the Hostility system, while players who initiate conflict while in Defensive mode will be instantly pulled out of Defensive mode and also receive similar Hostility penalties.

The update also includes the new Hostility System that is designed to mitigate griefing behavior. It "tracks aggressive behavior across both Playing styles and makes hostile players visible to others". 

Hostility increases do not apply within structured events such as Free Roam Events, Free Roam Missions, Showdowns and Races. Engaging in PvP behaviors related to Free Roam missions will not incur Hostility increases while in the Offensive playing style, however attacking other players not engaged in the activity will cause your Hostility level to rise.

A number of bug fixes and balance tweaks have also been applied, so it's a great time to head to the Red Dead Online site to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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