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Recruit A Friend is Back in World of Warcraft

Christopher Coke Updated: Posted:
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After some time away, the Recruit A Friend program is making its return to World of Warcraft – but that’s not all. What’s a triumphant return without a few triumphant upgrades?

Players familiar with the program in the past are probably already familiar with the classic benefits, including the ability to teleport to a friend every thirty minutes and the 50-percent XP boost when adventuring in a party, but now you earn bonuses the longer they stick with the game. What’s more, these bonuses apply to up to ten friends. Here are the existing rewards:


Blizzard has also improved the RAF experience in other ways. Party members can now use a Party Sync tool that will match quest states and phases between members, so no more futzing around just getting to the same place in a quest chain. If you’d rather play an existing character, this system will also let you align your level so you’re not dramatically overpowered for the content you’re enjoying. Additionally, the in-game RAF user interface is also getting a facelift to make it more user-friendly.


Christopher Coke

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