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Reclamation Tuesday #10 and much more

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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There's a whole lotta Reclamation news to share and no shortage of interest among those following this promising new title.

The staff over at MMORPGDOT.com has posted a quick Q&A with the developers of the upcoming game Reclamation.  There's some interesting stuff here to be sure:

MMORPGDOT: Is Reclamation a skill-based, or experience/level-based game? How does its system stand out from other games?

In a way it's a little bit of both. Technically speaking, your attributes, which we call Elements, determine what Arts you have access to. You can increase your elements in two ways, gaining experience or personality point expenditure. There are currently 5 elements. So, you can see start to see the amount of variety as everyone will develop their elements in their own unique ways, and further the levels of elements provide "access" to particular arts. In Reclamation you develop your character primarily through role-playing and interaction with other players. For example, the unique teaching system is a character-to-character system at its heart and through it characters acquire Arts, which are used for all manner of different ways.

Our primary goal with the character development system is to allow you to develop based on what your character does. Further, you are not locked into any sort of "class." There are areas of concentration we call, Foci, but these are optional.

The short piece is long on insight into the game.  You can read the full Q&A at this link.

Also, there will be an interview with Eric Breen of Lyra Studios this coming Friday on VGXtreme radio.  You can call in your questions and be a part of the weekly show which runs each Friday from 6:00 - 7:00pm eastern.  Check out the details at VGExtreme's homepage.

Finally, the latest Reclamation Tuesday has been posted with varied items about the game.  Check it out here.


Reed Hubbard