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Rebuild the Japanese Destroyer, Kamikaze, in New Campaign

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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World of Warships players have a new campaign to participate in with today's launch of Project R. Players earn "pearls" for participating in Project R that can then be used to purchase parts that will ultimately lead to building the legendary Japanese destroyer, Kamikaze.

To earn Pearls, captains must challenge special “Project R” in-game missions. By completing these missions and achieving various milestones, they can also earn credits, Premium Account, camouflage and other boosts which are based on an individual’s contribution. What’s more exciting: if the community reaches the milestone of 10 million, Kamikaze will be completed and 2,000 Japanese destroyers will be randomly given to participants who collected 150 Pearls or more.

Find out more on the World of Warships site.


Suzie Ford

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