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"Realm vs. Realm" not for Everyone

Keith Cross Posted:
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Adam Carpenter, Lead Designer for Fury has posted a message in the Fury forums stating that they will no longer be using the term "Realm vs. Realm" to describe their Server vs. Server vs. Server competitive game-play, as "Realm vs. Realm" is trademarked by another company. A quick search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office database shows that the trademark is held by Mythic Entertainment.

I wanted to let everyone know we have been informed that the term "REALM vs. REALM" is trademarked and we need to stop using it to describe Fury's Server vs. Server vs. Server competitive gameplay. Apparently using the term may confuse gamers. We don't think it will and believe our use of the term is purely descriptive. Nonetheless, we've decided not to use the term any more as, basically, we don't like lawyers and don't want to deal with them - we just want to concentrate on making this great game! To assist us, we'd appreciate it if you could stop using the term on the forums.

As a related note, we will continue to refer to each of Fury's unique 'servers' as "Realms" as that is ingrained in Fury's backstory and is an industry standard term for a server.

Read the forum post here.

Read more about the trademark here.


Keith Cross