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Ravendawn Will Officially Launch January 16th, With Open Beta Next Week

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Ravendawn will officially launch on January 16th. Tavernlight Games revealed the official release date for their nostalgic, player-driven MMORPG with a new cinematic trailer. Next week, you can get a taste of  some of what the game will have to offer via the open beta beginning on December 14th. 

Inspired by classic MMORPGs, the game is a top-down fantasy MMO that puts players in control of the world. Not only is there an emphasis on dynamic world building, forming communities, options for character customization from look to build, there’s a completely player driven economy too.  The sandbox elements also come with some balance, with features like an AI tradepack system that lets you package and sell products around the world. There are ways to take risks with this option, and earn yourself even more silver.

Your participation in the economy is at all levels. If you decide to farm, craft items, discover treasure on your adventures or even become a mercenary, you will contribute to the economy, which is designed to be very dynamic. This is one area in which the community will have a ton of influence, but it's not the only one. 

Ravendawn will be a free to play game with an optional premium subscription, so trying things out in the beta should feel similar once the launch happens. The team touts “player friendly” monetization, with quality of life perks up for grabs with premium, which they’ve priced at lower rates. They've recently made changes to the premium subscription to remove requiring premium to use waypoints in the game and also scrapped an experience and loot bonus for premium players in a party in order to make things fairer. Premium members won’t have to pay in-game fees to use those waypoints though.

The player –driven economy and the world building aspects,  and an overall blend of nostalgic and classic MMORPG mechanics along with modern systems. They’re looking to support the game for the long haul. To this, CEO Nicolas ‘Knighter’ Schrik says, in a release, “This commitment is reflected in our ongoing support, regular updates, and future expansions, ensuring a continually evolving and thrilling experience for our community”.

Open beta kicks off on December 14th. for more, head to Ravendawn.


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