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Ravendawn To Move Paid Currency Respec Options To In-Game Currency

Complaints were made that it felt too 'pay-to-win' 

Victoria Rose Posted:
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Less than three days after Ravendawn launched a new stat reset feature locked behind paid currency, the team at Tavernlight Games is rolling back the cost to remove “pay-to-win” concerns. 

“The intention was never for this to feel like a p2w mechanic,” the Discord developer post about the issue explained. “Our goal was to limit how feasible it was for people to reset tree's that were never intended to have support to be reset (albeit, we agree that an infrequent reset option is desirable and was necessary). We felt that simply Silver would lead to another complaint such as ‘now you're favoring silver rich players’, etc.” 

“We hope our historic moves and decisions on how we monetize and shape Ravendawn has shown this was never intended as our goal.” 

Anyone who spent Ravencoin on these resets before the announcement will receive a refund in the upcoming week. 

The reset feature launched several days ago with Patch 1.0.5; before then, there was simply no way to reset these, and so each player has received a free reset. However, further resets were locked behind the premium Ravencoin currency. In short, the turnaround between the paywalled resets and this change in cost is less than three days. 

Other than this, premium currency for the most part seems to be focused on cosmetics.  

The top-down pixel MMORPG Ravendawn launched its 1.0.0 version January 16, just over a month ago, and has already released five update patches since with new content and adjustments based on community feedback. It claims a focus on player economy and customization, with claimable lands and a really specific interest in fishing from the devs. 


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