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Ravendawn Previews The Elder Coast, Talks Security Ahead of Releasing Over 1300 New Land Plots

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Ravendawn is previewing Friday’s major update that will bring the Elder Coast, along with Northern Steppes, and over 660 new pieces of land to claim per server. The Tavernlight Games team also addressed the community about recent efforts to combat scammers, reinforced rules, and announced another banwave had taken place.

The release of the Elder Coast is almost here and there's a new devblog all about the region, delving into the lore, history, and the dawn of the age of the Red Calamity. We learn of the fortress city of Anvilheart, where the dwarves fled, and the Ellesset, a fortress the elves raised, along with other regions of the zone affected by the war. It is these zones that you’ll get the chance to explore, and possibly even settle in.

Yes, the new land plots are finally coming. 

The team announced that there will be more than 1320 new plots, split between the two servers. On each server, prepare for a land rush once the update is live. What’s up for grabs on each server will be:

  • 73 Small Plots
  • 520 Medium Plots
  • 71 Large Plots

When new plots are claimed, existing plots will also start becoming available, so you can look out for the existing plots to become unowned if you can't get one of the new ones during the land rush.

With all of that in mind, the announcement that there was another ban wave to counter botting and cheating, makes a lot of sense. The team is using a new system that they say is a more advanced system to help catch the cheaters, including permanent and long bans for those using more sophisticated “Memory BOTs”. Their new software is also catching programs from Razer or Logitech that allow for simulating macros.

They clarified that remapping your keys is permitted but not third party software that simulates macros.

The Ravendawn team will review actions from those who feel they were caught incorrectly, but coming ahead of the land release, it should reassure many. 


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