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Ravendawn Online Pronounces a Successful Stress Test as a Prelude to Impending Launch

It Just Ravendawned on us That Launch is Coming

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As fans eagerly await the official release of Ravendawn, the game's development team, Tavernlight Games, has been preparing diligently with their recently conducted Server Stress Test to ensure their servers are primed for the influx of launch players. This test, aptly named the "Lagbane Challenge," was held yesterday, Saturday, September 16th, and spanned a duration of two hours. The challenge required players to play Ravendawn for at least one hour during this window to earn the coveted title of "Lagbane."

Ravendawn has upped their game over the past several months, quite literally, and this stress test was a critical step in their journey towards an official launch. The test was designed to simulate real-world conditions, with only one channel available for all players. This approach aimed to push the servers to their limits, identifying potential bottlenecks and areas of improvement.

Following the test, the Ravendawn Online server status updates provided insights into the event's aftermath. The game underwent a quick reboot, and once it was back online, all channels were made available to players, and Open Beta resumed. The development team expressed their gratitude to the community, stating that the stress test was a resounding success. The data gathered undoubtedly will be instrumental in ensuring a seamless launch experience for players once the game finally releases.

For those unfamiliar with Ravendawn Online, it is a dynamic 2D MMORPG set in a vast, open world. You will be able to build just about anywhere, engage in thrilling battles with more than 50 different classes, and immerse yourself in a rich political and player driven economic system.

While the specific launch date for Ravendawn Online remains under wraps, it was initially slated for Q1 of 2023. However, this window was later adjusted to Q3 of 2023, and although the date has since passed it sounds like the team is ready for a release date just around the corner. The open beta commenced in March, with several testing dates leading up to the recent stress test and ongoing open beta. We have reached out to the development team for further details on the official release date and will provide updates as they become available.

In the interim, we congratulate Tavernlight Games on their successful execution of the Lagbane Challenge. For 2D MMORPG fans, we hope Ravendawn continues to build the kind of game players can look forward to. You can jump into the open beta now by heading over to the official website to download the test client. 


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