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Ravenbound, Inkbound And More Game Demos Available During Steam's Next Fest

Running Feb 6th through the 13th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Steam is hosting its Next Fest now through February 13th, giving players a look at, well, what's next on PC's largest storefront. Headlining the festival are a slew of game demos for players to try, including some big ones like Ravenbound and Inkbound. 

So a couple of "bounds."

Steam Next Fest is taking place on Steam's storefront as well as on their website now through February 13th at 10am PT. The week will feature livestreams and chats with developers, game demos for users to download and try during the week, and more. The event promises hundreds of demos, which players can then wishlist the games they enjoy most to be notified of updates leading up to launch.

A few games of note, such as Shiny Shoe's Inkbound and Systemic Reaction's upcoming Roguelike Ravenbound highlight a long list of demos available on Steam. Inkbound will allow players to check out an updated test build of their recent technical test, which incorporates player feedback into the mix. The co-op RPG allows players to run through its roguelike world, creating memorable runs through its ink-fueled story.

Ravenbound is inspired by Scandinavian folklore and set in the world of Avalt. The open-world roguelite features intense combat mixed with a deck-building feature that gives new gear and weapons with each new life. The team at Systemic Reaction just launched a new trailer to go alongside the demo, which will be available through the end of Steam Next Fest.

You can check out all of the demos across a multitude of genres, including games like the remade System Shock or World War 1-inspired grand strategy title The Great War: Western Front at Steam Next Fest's event page.


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