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Ravenbound Adds Skill Tree, Removes Always-On Requirement, Offers Free DLC With New Features

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Open-world roguelite Ravenbound has a new update, which introduces offline play, and adds a new skill tree. A new DLC, “Hammers of Ávalt”, which the team is giving away for free for limited time, also expands options.

Update 1.1 is a significant update with several standout features. The Apex Connect requirement is now gone, so you have the choice to play the game online or offline for the first time. The update also introduces a skill tree for permanent progression, four new variants of hidden treasure, and a number of adjustments to combat, enemy strength, and overall balance changes. 

The skill tree adds a way to have permanent progression so you can continue to unlock and keep some things as you go through various runs. When you do a run, you gain a new type of experience called Legacy. Every time you level up, you earn skill points to unlock traits and rewards on the tree. Folk, weapon classes, and unique traits have been folded into the skill tree along with passive upgrades. As you unlock stuff, you’ll upgrade all future runs.

Between this and the removal of the always-on requirement, the team has delivered on a couple of significant community requests.

Hammers of Ávalt introduces a new weapon type to the game: the hammer. This will give you a different way to take on your enemies and different skills to learn. The DLC introduces 13 hammers with different abilities, and six special effect cards so you can continue to customize your weapons.   

The DLC will be free until July 13th, but if you already own Ravenbound, or pick it up during the current Steam sale, you will be able to download the Hammers of Ávalt DLC. After July 13th, the DLC will be $3.99.

See the update notes over at the Ravenbound Steam page.


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