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Rated Solo Shuffle Launches With Dragonflight, Will Include Specializations, and Be Cross-Faction

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When Dragonflight is out next month, World of Warcraft will get rated Solo Shuffle. Now, Blizzard is outlining how the game mode will work, and responding to community questions.

Solo Shuffle is the first solo queue brawl that players could queue for. Debuting with the Eternity’s End update, the new mode was tested for a while, tweaked after some testing feedback, and otherwise became a new option for how players can play competitive WoW. If you’re not familiar with Solo Shuffle, you queue solo and get matched up to a team of two DPS and one healer in a 3v3 match.

With the addition of Solo Shuffle to the rated PVP tab, there will be some changes, including a minimum PVP item level requirement. Rated Solo Shuffle will also be a cross-faction mode. With the new talent trees and specialization options coming in Dragonflight, ratings will count class specializations, and players will be able to see where they rank against others of their specialization.

“Observing data from the Solo Shuffle brawl, rated arena matches, and reading community feedback, we felt it was important to have a player’s rating be tied to a specialization rather than class for this game mode. Unique to this Rated game mode, players will have a rating tracked for each of their character’s specializations.”

The addition of class specializations to the rating system means that the team will have to keep an eye on how it plays out because some specializations might just be better suited to Solo Shuffle and possibly represented more frequently. The team will keep an eye on this and will also have a special title for those who rank in the top 0.1% for each specialization. They’re also keeping an eye on how the increased number of players after launch will play this mode differently than their beta testers.

For more on the ratings, rewards, and what else to expect when Solo Shuffle gets a rated mode, see the post over at World of Warcraft.


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