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RamenVR Talks Monetization, Content Strategy In Reddit AMA Ahead Of VR MMO Zenith's Launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), the team at RamenVR took some time out to answer questions about their upcoming VR MMO, Zenith: The Last City. Some of the topics discussed were monetization and content plans for the future. 

Zenith: The Last City is coming to PCVR via Steam and Oculus as well as PSVR tomorrow, and the team is taking some time to answer any last questions prospective players might have about the MMO. A buy-to-play title now, one of the first questions tackled had to do with monetization in the future, specifically as it pertains to DLCs, cosmetics and more.

In response, RamenVR's Andy Tsen stated that while there are currently no plans to introduce a subscription or release content as DLC, that doesn't mean that won't change in the future. As it stands right now, though, Zenith is meant to be buy-to-play with content releasing for free.

"Plans for monetization currently are just to sell the game at one price, and offer cosmetics and other types of in app purchases (similar to FF14 or WoW). That means currently people will continue to get free content as we roll it out. We may eventually start rolling it into DLCs or a subcription, but have no plans to do so" 

He goes on to answer a follow up asking about in-app purchases, or microtransactions, stating that while the game will "never be pay to win," there will be "mostly cosmetic based]" in-app purchases.

Another question touches on the visuals of Zenith, specifically asking about headroom on the most recent Oculus headset, the Quest 2. When asked if the Quest platform is limiting the vision of the developers, Andy responded stating that they haven't yet pushed the Quest 2 to its limits.

"We think that we still have some headroom on Q2 if we really push the limits. We definitely haven't gotten to where it can potentially be yet. There are significant differences in quality between Q1 and Q2. I don't see Q2 as a limiting factor, but Q1 may become one soon."

Other questions pertain to balance and class changes, something Tsen states the team will be "aggressive" in monitoring and making changes when they feel they are needed. Tsen also touches on Zenith's replayability, citing the release of new content like dungeons, bosses, zones and more to increase the chances of players coming back. However, he stresses he doesn't want Zenith to become a "content treadmill," mentioning that additions like housing, PvP, crafting and more are just as important to ensure that the VR MMORPG is still accessible to new players and veterans alike.

You can check out the full AMA on Reddit for more. Zenith launches tomorrow across on Oculus, SteamVR and PSVR.


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