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Ragnarok Origin Marks First Anniversary With New Map, Events, and Two New Classes

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Ragnarok Origin  is marking one year since launch with events, contests, and a preview of new maps and two new classes, Sage and Scholar.

Gravity’s reimagining of its classic Ragnarok MMORPG for mobile is now featuring the anniversary event. One of the features is a contest called the “One Challenge”, which lets players record a cover of the Ragnarok Origin song “The One” and compete for a chance to get limited edition swag like hoodies and stickers. 

Other ways to celebrate the anniversary are in game, including the fortune teller event, which will let you get your fortune told by an NPC. After you get your fortune told you'll be able to choose a card known as a soulmate card that will give you a soulmate and a gift. so if you’re feeling lucky (or maybe if not), you can participate in-game or on the Ragnarok Origin site.

Some of the standout parts of the anniversary include being able to explore a new map, called Juneau, and two new classes that are joining the roster. The Sage and Scholar each have their own spells, and both draw them from wisdom and the elements. 

Sages are magical adepts and their spells can affect enemies in ways that hinder them or even limit their power. Debuffs like forcing opponents to stop casting or to have magical effects canceled means that bringing a Sage into battle might be just the support play you need. They can also fight via physical combat, but the magic is the essence of the class.

Scholars are known as “the transcendence of Sages” and are more advanced and much more powerful. They use their spells more easily and effectively, and if the Sage was already a class with debilitating effects and power, the Scholar is even moreso.

All this joins the new map, Juno, which is known as the City of Knowledge and Wisdom, and makes perfect sense as a place where such powerful magic users enter the picture for Ragnarok Origin.

For more on the events, head to Ragnarok Origin.


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