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Ragnarok Origin Hits 400K Pre-Registrations As ProZD And Lilypichu Announced As Part Of Voice Cast

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Ragnarok Origin, a remastering of 2002's Ragnarok Online, is taking pre-registrations from interested players, and there are quite a few people looking forward to jumping into the MMO. The studio behind the remaster, Gravity, has announced that over 400K people have pre-registered for the MMO.

The remaster of the classic old-school MMORPG will be hitting iOS and Android this fall, and pre-registrations have boomed since Ragnarok Origin was announced last month. To celebrate the milestone, Gravity announced two prominent members of the voice cast bringing the MMO to life: Lilypichu and ProZD. 

Via the press release:

"Gravity is also excited to announce that Genshin Impact’s Lilypichu will be voicing multiple characters in the game. Lilypichu will be guiding players as the friendly Sprakki that will tell beginning players all they need to know about exploring Midgard. Along with voicing Sprakki, Lilypichu will also be heard as the voices of Kafra that players will encounter in all major cities.

Joining Lilypichu is ProZD, who’s appeared in games such as Genshin ImpactYakuza: Like a Dragon, and the upcoming God of War Ragnarok. He voices Seyren, a member of the Imperial Knights of Rune Midgarts. With his passionate personality and leadership skills, he’ll guide players through mysterious events in the game. ProZD also voices Hugin and Varmundt, who are central characters that players will meet throughout the story. "

Ragnarok Origin brings the old-school Ragnarok Online back to life on iOS and Android devices, with detailed 3D graphics, reworked quests as well as tweaks to the combat from the older MMO. Rangarok Online has garnered praise throughout the years since its release in the early 2000's, and players of Origin will be able to relive that classic in a new way with the remaster.

While no release date has been given just yet, Gravity state that we should see it hit this fall. You can pre-register on the official website, and those who do will gain in-game items as a reward when the MMO finally launches. 


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