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Ragnarok Origin Adds a New Region, New Events, and the Dancer and Bard Classes

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The Bard and Dancer have just arrived in Ragnarok Origin. Gravity is marking their arrival with some new events to help with progression. The update also includes a new region and additional changes.

The Bard is the advanced progression option for male Archer characters, while female Archer characters will be able to progress and become the Dancer. Both of them are support classes, using two-handed weapons and can attack close or in range. Access these classes if you have reached at least job level 40.

Attacks include things like Arcane Shot, which uses several notes to attack a single target with physical damage, Song of Return involves performing a dance or music to resurrect and heal your allies. Something called Eternal Chaos lets you play chaotic music, lowering nearby enemy defense for 20 seconds. 

The update also brings a new region, Comodo, that you can explore that is home to the Bard and Dancer guilds.

Beginning today, August 30th, there are four in-game events that start to help you with progression and rewards. The first event, Operation Commission, will let you get 20 commission tickets. This runs through September 5th. Operation Union, also running through September 5th, lets you earn rewards by assisting other players. Helheim Racing will let you compete in races to potentially win and get some loot. The faster your time, the better your rank and  rewards. This also ends on 9/5. 

Another event, Memory Fragment, Is different, and this will run until September 12th. You will be able to explore through a new Side Story that gives you a chance to complete puzzles and earn rewards. Since this is a story based event with puzzles to do, there is an additional week of time for the event.

There’s also a Moon Rabbit Lottery special event where you can participate daily and work to help Chef Milly to make rabbit desserts for all kinds of prizes. These include the potential to get moon rabbit costume pieces.

For more, head to Ragnarok Origin.


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