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Ragnarok Online Reveives New Region 'Moscovia' and New Classes

Two new classes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ragnarok Online has received a new update, bringing with it a new region called Moscovia, in addition to new classes.

Moscovia is described as a jewel in the middle of the ocean. It is believed that a hero after adventuring Moscovia daunting dungeons returns home at least 10 times braver, especially after fighting the horrible MVP Gopinich.

New classes are also made available in the update to Taekwon kids: Soul Linker and Star Gladiator. According to the accompanying press release, Soul Linkers have mastered the almost forgotten art of calling upon the spirits of legendary heroes and imbuing allies with their wisdom and skills. Star Gladiators wield the power to crush their enemies with the energies of the Moon, Sun and other stars. The release of the update is also followed by 6 days of a 25% XP bonus, which will help new Soul Linkers and Star Gladiators to reach their peak form.

Additionally, War of Emperium has seen changes. For example, Second Edition with new castles and defense systems will be conducted every Sunday instead of the traditional WoE.


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