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Ragnarok Online Receiving Sealed Shrine Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Sealed Shrine is the next major update for Ragnarok Online featuring a new party dungeon. Here are the details.

Ragnarok Online’s monthly update this month is Sealed Shrine. Described as a party dungeon, you’ll have to work with your friends to defeat MVP Baphomet. This MVP is apparently one of the strongest MVPs in Ragnarok Online.

It’s meant for level 75 player characters and above. Session time for the dungeon is two hours. Once your session ends, you’ll have to wait another 12 hours before entering again.

However, if you don’t think you’re quite up for the challenge just yet, don’t worry too much. You’ll be able to level up quickly using the Unknown Area. This is described as an, “alternate dimension where monsters give much more experience.” You’ll experience a boosted party bonus, thus the quicker leveling.

Additionally, the slotting event, Midgardian Style, is going on this week to help your gear game. The event offers a greater variety of items to help you slot into your gear. Additionally, three sets were added called Demon, Nightmare and Ultra Violence if that’s your thing.

You can learn more about the update here.


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