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Ragnarok Online Receives Transcendent Classes

XP bonus too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ragnarok Online has received Transcendent Classes in its latest update.

This update raises the maximum Job level up to 70 and allows characters to transcend into the advanced versions of their classes, obtain new skills, items and appearance.

The first player to reach the 99/70 after Rebirth will get the unique Crown named after his character and significant refinement bonus for his weapon and armor, the first player to get 99/70 level in his Transcendent class will receive a Crown of Glory and the refinement bonus as well, according to the details outlined in the accompanying press release.

Additionally, two high-level dungeons have been also added: the mysterious ruins of Juperos, filled with the robotic remembrances of the ancient civilization and the 3rd floor of the dismal Bio Laboratory, where the most horrific creatures of the Rekenber Corp lurking in the shadows.

Finally, a party bonus is also included, boosting the gained experience depending on the number of party members up to 133% for a party of 12 members. You’ll also receive a 25% XP bonus until March 23.


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