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Ragnarok Online Receives Rachel and Ice Cave Update

New location and dungeon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Rachel and Ice Cave update has released on Ragnarok Online. Here’s the scoop.

If you’re unfamiliar with Rachel, it’s actually the the religious and political center of the Arunafeltz states famous for its great sanctuary Sessrumnir dedicated to goddess Freya. The update will allow you to actually meet the Pope, described as a living incarnation of the goddess, but also explore the forbidden catacombs beneath the temple. Unlike other dungeons, Holy Grounds will require combined efforts of all server players to be opened.

A second dungeon was added as well, called Ice Caves, described by the press release as frozen catacombs north of Rachel. This instance consists of three levels inhabited by unique monsters who get used to live in extremely cold conditions. The most powerful of them, frost salamander Ktullanux, can be summoned on the last level.

The team also provides a statement on the current pandemic,

“While we slowly but surely overcome the quarantine, it is necessary to stay safe and vigilant, and our fight against virus continues: on these week players can get additional costumes and other useful rewards in exchange for Virus memos, so don’t forget to check out the Medic in Payon for additional information.”


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