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Ragnarok Online is the Latest MMO to Get a Fresh Start Server

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Fresh Start servers are having a moment. The latest MMORPG to announce a new server where players can roll characters and get a fresh start is Ragnarok Online. Warp portal has announced that the new world, Freya, will launch with tomorrow's patch.  The first start event will continue through the end of the year. 

Freya will join existing servers Chaos and Thor for Ragnarok Online, which was originally released in Korea back in 2002 and globally later. If you create a new character on the fresh start server, you’ll qualify for a special booster event.  

There’s a brief new trailer about the new server and the booster event on the way. Booster packages will roll out with the update and be available for players 1275 for beginners creating a new character. The contents of the booster packs Include things like potions,  job change and weapon tickets, a starter armor create, and more. There are different levels of booster packs so if you choose to start on the Fresh Start server, you should take advantage of these packs while they're available.

This Fresh Start event on Freya will only last through the end of the year, and any booster packs you pick up on the way will be useless once the event is over, so if you start a new character on the new server, just keep using the stuff you get.

The new patch, called “Illusion of Luanda”  also raises the level cap for Expanded Classes to 185, and makes a series of balance changes for classes and jobs, as well as tweaks to skills for balance purposes. There’s a new bald hairstyle, and some advanced potions. 

For more on the update, read the notes over at Ragnarok Online.


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