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Ragnarok Heading East With New Cities and Events

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ragnarok is heading east with a new update bringing two new cities, Amatsu and Ayothaya.

Ayothaya is an oriental city surrounded by forest wilderness. Many of its structures are built on piles above the azure water of the bay. Amatsu is a city based on ancient Japan, always shrouded in cherry blossoms. Simply board the ship in Alberta to check it out. Face sneaky Lady Tanee and try to slay that kinda plant type creature. Enter the Ancient Shrine and face challenges which await you there.

Additionally, Rune-Midgard is decorated and New Year’s activities are available until January 15:

  • Holiday event: help Santa to make Rudolph's nose shine again, participate in daily activities and receive gifts every day to obtain the Festive Santa Set with pretty bonuses;
  • Free costume hat and special Christmas packs with charming gifts inside. Check 4game app
  • 25% XP bonus, which will significantly boost your progress;
  • Discounts from 15 to 60% on all categories of the Cash Shop;
  • Christmas Porings with adorable drop roaming the fields of Rune-Midgard;
  • Join the event to participate in our giveaway of Christmas packs!

Learn more details at the forums here.


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