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Races and Classes Unveiled

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Carbine Studios took the wraps off their upcoming MMO, WildStar, yesterday at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany. Today, we've learned of the first three races revealed for the game as well as details on several of WildStar's classes.

The rockfaced guy in the debut trailer is a Granok, who are a violent race of mercenaries that have landed on the game's planet of Nexus, looking to wreck some Dominion (WildStar's primary enemy group) face.

The dual-pistol wielding fellow is a simple Human. Humans get a bad rap in WildStar, the Dominion basically kicked them off their homeworld and now they're looking to set up shop on Nexus.

The bunny-eared gal is an Aurin. Not much is known about this race just yet, other than they too have been driven off their foresty homeworld and are looking to establish a new home on Nexus.

The three classes revealed so far are the Warrior, Spellslinger, and Esper.

The Warrior uses melee an tech attacks that and he relies on Adrenaline and Fuel Cell resource systems to manage his abilities. Adrenaline will decay outside of combat, while Fuel Cells will regenerate normally.

The Spellslinger uses magical pistols and features a teleport ability at the very least. He'll utilize Arcana and Charge to power his abilities. Building Charge determines the power of your attacks and recharges itself by using magic (but drains outside of combat), and Arcana is used for magical abilities, also recharging quickly in combat.

Finally, the Esper uses combo abilities and magic. Like the Adrenaline and Charge systems, Combo Points build the power of other abilities while decaying outside of combat. For magic, the Esper will rely on the familiar Mana resource.

The demo available at this year's GamesCom will feature the three races and classes as they appear in the trailer, but Carbine Studios notes that players will be able to customize their race, class, and gender in the full game.

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Sign up for the beta at the official WildStar website.


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