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Quinault Native American Tribe Suing Valve for 'Facilitating Online Gambling'

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The Quinault Native American tribe from Washington state is suing Valve for "facilitating online gambling" with regard to Counter Strike: Global Offensive skin sales through third party sites. The suit alleges that the people of Washington state have been subjected to "scam, unsafe and unfair gambling". The Quinault Nation, which operates the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino, claims that "skins gambling hurts casinos" and that Valve does not pay taxes or have to adhere to state regulations.

The Tribe alleges that skin sales "became the primary currency used by illegal, unregulated, and unlicensed online gambling websites, and [that] Valve profited handsomely from the use of its virtual items for online gambling." The suit further alleges that "Valve facilitated illegal, unregulated and unlicensed online gambling of skins in numerous ways."

While Valve has long maintained that the sites selling skins are not part of its corporate structure, the Quinault tribe believes that the company has "taken incomplete and ineffective steps to address skins gambling". 

"Valve has profited handsomely for years from illegal online gambling, and has made only token efforts to stop it." the court documentation reads.

Skins are, according to the filed paperwork, "a thing of value" since they are sold for real world cash similar to chips used in casinos. 

The Quinault tribe "seeks immediate injunctive and equitable relief to force Valve to stop offering the crate opening online slot machine game, to stop offering the crate opening online slot machine game until the Washington Gaming Commission can examine it to determine if it requires a license." In addition, the tribe is seeking "damages suffered", restitution "of all monies wrongfully obtained", for Valve to "cease and desist from engaging" in skins sales and the repayment of all reasonable attorneys' fees and for costs incurred.

The lengthy court filing can be read here.

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