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Qhira Live In Heroes of the Storm, Patch Notes Issued

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Heroes of the Storm received patch notes, with their newest hero, Qhira, now live.

Qhiria is, “A sworn knight and holder of a singularity shard, Qhira’s only desire is to seek out others who may have escaped the destruction of her doomed home realm, Iresia. While she searches, she gets by as a bounty hunter--- a job she loathes, despite her exceptional skill.”

You can read more about Qhira here.

Storm League also received some updates,

  • Ranked Points are now directly mapped to a player's Storm League MMR.    

    • Rank is no longer considered by the matchmaker.

    • Leaving a Ranked Match Lobby or Game results in a 500 Rank Point penalty which can be slowly regained in future matches.   

  • Placement Matches have been reduced from 10 to 3.

  • Promotion and Demotion games have been removed and players will seamlessly transition through Leagues and Divisions.    

    • The MMR range has been rebuilt and remapped to handle this.   

  • A Team Leader (banning player in Ranked Draft) is selected on the highest Rank for placed players, or MMR for unplaced ones. In mixed teams, placed players have priority.

  • Rank Decay has been adjusted    

    • Only players that are Diamond 5 or higher and that have finished their Placement Matches are eligible for decay

    • If a player's decay timer is less than 3 days, it resets to 3 days upon playing a Storm League game. If the timer is at or above 3 days, players will gain an additional grace day for each game played (up to a maximum of 30).   

  • A Ranked Seasonal Questline is now available to players    

    • This Questline will be available each Season and must be completed in order to be eligible for both the Ranked Seasonal Rewards and the Grand Master Leaderboards.

You can check out the full post here.


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