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Q&A with Alex Jones

Dana Massey Posted:
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Someday soon, CRSpace hopes to bring Martial Heroes to North America. Today, we talk to Alex Jones, the Head of US Public Relations for CRSpace, about their free to play MMORPG.

MMORPG.com: How do Factions play a part in the game and the events that you have been hosting?

Alex Jones: The Factions play a huge role in the game and is essentially the backdrop of the game’s “Thousand Year War”plot. Each Faction has its own unique attributes and their own ideology. The Lawful Faction thinks that the most important state of mind is that the way you get to victory is more important than victory itself. This is why the lawful side has more offensive power and more defense. However,the Evil Faction thinks that its does not matter what they do or who they betray, victory is the only acceptable result. Due to this, the Evil Faction unique attributes are speed and debuffing skills. In terms of events, an all out faction war is held once a month. This puts Lawful vs Evil on the Martial Heroes PVP map; Deadlands. In Faction War the objective is to destroy the other side’s sacred stones, so you can say that it’s a Conquest-like event. Each side has to try to destroy the others stone while trying to protect their own which usually makes for a fun but strategic battles.

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Dana Massey