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Suzie Ford Posted:
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The Perfect World Entertainment team has released a pair of updates to wrap up the week. The first is the weaponry system to be employed in Legend of Martial Arts. The second is the Forsaken World priest class information detailed on the official FW blog.

In Legend of Martial Arts, we introduce you to a unique weaponry system, which includes items that you can find in your very own home! Unfortunately our household weapons do not come with a deep refining system that allows in-game players to upgrade their weapons and unlock special powers like those in Legend of Martial Arts.

As flu season dawns upon us, we only wish we possessed the healing capabilities of Forsaken World's Priest class. With three talent paths to choose from, unlimited healing capacities, and even offensive abilities to weaken enemies, the Priest plays an essential role in any party.

Read more at the links above.


Suzie Ford

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