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PvPvE Extraction Shooter Hawked Holding Cross-Play Open Beta Starting This Thursday

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Hawked is an upcoming PvPvE extraction shooter from My.Games. The team has announced the first cross-play open beta starting this week, with details on how to participate.

This new open beta will take place from August 31- September 4th. Hawked is an extraction shooter that challenges teams of three to collect and secure various artifacts from an island known as X-Isle. You can equip artifacts while on the island, with 21 available and various bonuses to gain from using them strategically. One artifact might give you a bonus to sensing nearby enemies, and another may have a passive bonus that lets you turn into a bush when you crouch.

You and your team must fight off various monsters (Disciples), and other players along the way as you compete. There will also be puzzles to solve, booby traps to avoid, and a series of obstacles and challenges in the way of your goals. The team plans different adaptations, limited events, seasonal content, and more to keep X-Isle fresh.

If you are the first team to extract the artifacts from the island, you'll win that session. Regardless of the win or loss in the overall session, you can also extract smaller treasures and currency that you can spend to improve and upgrade your characters. Between character customization, gear choices, and artifacts you equip, these will be how you create builds that play to your strengths.

This test follows a successful PC  beta for the game, and another step towards the eventual full launch. If you are interested in this cross-play open beta, you'll be able to join in on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam or the MClauncher. In the open beta, you will have access to the free Renegade Pass, which is the battle pass for the game that will let you unlock cosmetics for Hawked at launch.

If you took part in the last PC beta, the pass data hasn't been reset. There will also be a progression boost available for the pass during this beta test, so it should bring every player who takes part up to speed to get those exclusive cosmetics. 

To find out more and participate in the beta, head over to Hawked.


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