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PvP Events to Participate In or Watch

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ArenaNet has updated the official Guild Wars 2 site with new information about PvP events for both players and spectators. The slate includes small group PvP battles as well as WvW action, tournaments and much, much more. The site has all the needed links to make sure you're there when the action kicks off for your favorite event.

For European players, every Thursday at 11:00AM PST (19:00 GMT) the Electronic Sports League (ESL) hosts a best-of-three tournament open to any team that wishes to sign up, with the first and second place teams taking home gem prizes. This is a great opportunity to get your feet wet in the Guild Wars 2 competitive scene! Learn more about ESL’s Weekly Cups on our forums.

On Friday, January 24, the European Gw2match.net Champion of the Mist Tournament will be kicking off, covered live in three different languages! There’s still time for your team to sign up – but you’ll have to move quickly! Visit the PvP forums for more information.

Read more about this slick list of PvP happenings on the Guild Wars 2 site.


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