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PvP-Centric Sabotage Update Goes Live

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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WildStar players can now log into the game to check out the latest update called 'Sabotage'. This update is specifically centered on PvP action and includes the new Daggerstone Pass battleground and also includes significant changes to the overall PvP experience.

Open World PvP and PvP Stats

We recognize that some Open World PvP situations could conflict with combat healing in unintentional ways, particularly for the World Boss Encounters thatrequire more than 20 Level 50 players on hand. To address these issues, we have split up the new PvP Healing effect to have a slightly better effect inOpen World PvP than in Instanced PvP.ItemizationFinally, we’re looking at ways to prevent premature stat inflation, particularly in regards toward bringing PvP ratings closer in line to Stat ratings inthe game:

  • PvP Rating values from armor, gadgets, and buffs have been reduced. This is necessary due to the changes in the backend formula, which would havetaken the current PvP Rating values and converted them into unintentionally high Power and Defense values.
  • Along with this change, the amount of PvP Rating you’ll need at each level to gain an appreciable increase in your PvP Defense and PvP Power hasalso been reduced.

Read the full update notes on the WildStar site.


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