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PvEvP Fantasy Action Game, Project Shadow, from Former Crytek Developer Starts Kickstarter

Be aware of the risks as outlined

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new PvEvP fantasy action multiplayer game called Project Shadow has recently started up a Kickstarter. Here are the details.

The effort comes from a developer who’s worked at Crytek, 343 Industries, Guerrilla Games, and id Software. In an email to MMORPG.com, the developer, Efgeni Bischoff, notes that work has been done on this title for the last two years before taking it to Kickstarter. You can see some of Efgeni’s work on Artstation here.

The game is described as, “a Fantasy Action RPG game with focus on interesting and challenging quests, a fun competitive aspect and a world full of interesting Stories.” Boasting multiple races and monster, you’ll be able to explore, take part in PvE content, co-op, and PvP in standard arena modes or a larger hunt mode.

You can see screenshots of the project so far on the Kickstarter listed above. Details on events, mounts, classes, and more are listed there. In the email, Efgeni notes that he’s been inspired by various fantasy games and films.

However, it’s not an open world or MMORPG. Rather the game revolves around rounds,

“The whole game revolves around a round in which up to 50 other players meet and play together or fight each other within a period of 20 minutes. Each round starts with a basic equipment, which can be greatly improved during the course of a round, in addition you can strengthen yourself with various means, such as spells or other magic artifacts. At the end of each round you have the possibility to get a special reward, you just have to defeat the final boss.”

The social aspect, however, will still be present in the form of a hub which can support up to 100 players. Various activities and customization can be had here.

Keep in mind, there is an entire section of risks and challenges outlined on the Kickstarter as well,

“This Project is only a visual pitch so far, an idea and a dream. Yes. You read it right, there is no real game to be played yet. We can run at all places with the character and that's it so far.”

The pages notes that the team is looking to get the best talent to assist with this project to work in a fully virtual studio, Dark Tree Games,

“Dark Tree Games are aiming for an AA quality of games, low scope but hi-quality. It is risky and a lot could run wrong, but we can create together a new culture to make an awesome fantasy game we all deserve in the time of micro-transactions and loot boxes.”


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