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Purchasing Azerite Armor Pieces to Become a Thing in World of Warcraft

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One of the bigger complaints that World of Warcraft players have about Battle for Azeroth is the acquisition of Azerite armor pieces, particularly by running Mythic+ dungeons. That will be changing, however, with 8.1, when a new as-yet-unnamed currency is introduced that players can earn in their weekly Mythic+ chests or by scrapping Azerite armor pieces. Once enough currency is earned, players will be able to visit Thaumaturge Vashreen who will sell two different types of items.

The first type is a random cache that targets a specific Azerite armor slot -- head, chest or shoulder -- that can drop in a dungeon. These will be sold at a variety of levels (355, 370 and 385), with the cost of each scaling based on iLevel.

However, in order to give "high-end players who want to be able to work towards a specific piece that perfectly compliments their build", Vashreen will offer targeted 385 items from a specific dungeon for a specific class "sold at a premium".

Overall, we believe that this change will improve things in a lot of different ways:

  • Mythic+ players of all skill levels will now have a clear path to upgrading their Azerite slots
  • High-end Mythic+ players will have a way to target specific Azerite pieces to optimize their setups
  • Duplicate or unwanted Azerite pieces from other sources (such as raiding) now have some additional value
  • The piece of gear in your weekly chest will have a more reliable item level

You can read the full post on the World of Warcraft forum.


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