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PUBG Secondary Inner Blue Zone Tested To Deter Late-Game Camping

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New PUBG mechanics looked to address late-game circle-camping with a secondary blue zone.

As outlined on the site, this new “inner blue zone” was meant to deter camping while also telegraphing the location of the next circle. This new bluehole mode was available on December  5 – December 8 in PUBG Labs.

The mechanics of the new mode were the following,

  • An inner Blue Zone will now appear from the start of the match until the penultimate phase
  • The inner Blue Zone will be the same size/location as the next circle
  • It will be difficult for players to camp in the inner Blue Zone as they will take damage (same damage as the next phase Blue Zone)

While the rules included,

  • Another Blue Zone the “Inner Blue Zone” appears inside the safe zone. (Except the final phase)
  • The Inner Blue Zone is the same size/position as the safe zone that will proceed it.
  • The damage of the Inner Blue Zone is the same as that of the next Blue Zone phase.
  • Item spawn rate is 0.5x higher than public matches.
  • Faster revives, with a 4 second DBNO revive timer.

With the event over, it’s unclear at this point if this new inner blue zone will be made available to the wider live player-base.


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