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PUBG Mobile and Warframe Team Up for a Special Collaboration

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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PUBG Mobile and Warframe are teaming up for a special collaboration, and you can expect special content, challenges, and of course, rewards. 

So while details are still sparse, the announced details so far are that the full event will run through April 19th. Warframe themed content will come to the Erangel map for PUBG Mobile,  and you can get started in the free to play game tomorrow with a preview event. The special collaboration will start with this preview event running from tomorrow, March 10th through March 23rd, with a series of challenges you can complete in order to get a Warframe themed skin.

There will also be additional events and  missions, complete with rewards to obtain, including more special themed skins. All of the details about the full collaboration and how it will work will be revealed with the upcoming 1.9 update for PUBG Mobile, which will be out on March 18th. 

The collaboration is the latest IP to have a collaboration with the mobile version of PUBG. Last fall, with the 1.7 update, the game had a collaboration with Riot Games and featured items and locations from the animated series Arcane. That event brought the League of Legends-based animated series to Erangel back in November. Players that took part in that event or prior ones might see something familiar with the newest collaboration, though we’ll get more details on what’s coming very soon.

Warframe is still coming off its huge The New War update, with more to come. PUBG Mobile is also celebrating its 4th anniversary, so this is also one of the reasons behind a big event. There will be more beyond just the Warframe collaboration, with the team also promising that there will be new game modes and other new content coming to the game with 1.9. 


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