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PSA: You can use your FSA to buy computer glasses from SportRx

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As gamers, we spend a lot of time in front of screens. This holiday season, SportRx wants to remind you to take care of yourself by caring for your eyes, tax-free. Unlike many computer gaming glasses, which filter out blue light and reduce eyestrain, SportRx is able to cut prescription lenses to match your choice of frames, which means it’s eligible for tax-free flex spending accounts before the year is out.

While you might already know this, it came as a surprise to me. Tax-free and gaming aren’t usually bed-fellows, but in this case they are. If you maintain a Flexible Spending Account, there’s a good chance that those funds won’t roll over into next year, so whatever is left by the end of the month will be lost. While most FSAs will prevent you from using those funds on normal blue-light glasses, they usually do cover prescription eyewear, including specially designed lenses like those offered by SportRx.

SportRx is a San Diego based company that’s been in operation for more than 20 years.  Their unique niche is delivering lenses and frames catering to specific activities. Everything from fishing to basketball to computer use is included. Kids frames are also included. You’ll also find designs from major brands like Nike, Oakley, and Ray-Ban.

If you have funds burning a hole in your FSA, don’t wait because the clock is literally ticking. Plus, for a limited time, there’s a $50 off sale and lots of other promos in celebration of the season. I’ve personally scheduled an eye appointment so I can try a pair for myself with my latest prescription. Find out more and see the selection at the official site.


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