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PSA: Today Is The Last Day For Free Lord Of The Rings Online Content Packs

Use their free code before it's gone today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Standing Stone Games has been giving away content after content pack for free over the last few years, and the most recent one for The Lord of the Rings Online ends today. 

SSG's been giving away a huge chunk of content for free for LotRO players over the last few weeks, giving players quite a bit of late-game content for free whether you're a VIP or free-to-play account. The quest packs include some of the Gondor content, Mordor, and even some of the newer stuff including the recent Rangers and Ruins, Yondershire and the Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins.

Additionally, for those who don't have the most recent expansions (as well as LotRO's original "mini-expansion," they are on sale for 99 points in the LotRO Store.

You'll need to act fast as today is the last day to grab these, but you'll have access to a large swathe of content forever (or as long as SSG keeps the lights on) to keep you busy in Middle-earth. LotRO players are gearing up for the next major content drop coming next month, with Before the Shadows revamping the early questing of the long-running MMO, as well as brings new Skirmishes, Instances and the new Delving system.


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