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PSA: Star Citizen Has Updated Its Minimum System Requirements

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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Star Citizen has updated its already hefty system requirements to reflect more of an accurate range for new and old players alike. 

This game has some intense graphics for any GPU to keep up with, and today the developers at Cloud Imperium Games have given the initial minimum requirements a bit of an update. There is an entire Subreddit that goes into detail on just how hard Star Citizen is to run on even the most hardcore PCs. 

According to the new and updated requirements, players will need to have at least Windows 10, and a Quad-core processor that needs to be a minimum of an i7 or later or an AMD Bulldozer or later. As for the GPU, a DirectX 11 compatible card with at least 4 gigs of VRAM is necessary, and at least 16gb of memory and 100gb or more of storage space. 

The requirements aren’t too much of a change from the original, but honestly it isn’t surprising that a game of this caliber might have to up the requirements every once and a while. Of course, a game this massive might do better on specs that are recommended, rather than the bare minimum, as some people say even with the minimums met they still have crashing issues. 

For those who are avid Star Citizen players that have the recommended specs, there is a new Legatus Ship package that costs an insane amount of real-life currency to get their hands on.


Sam Plaisance