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PSA: Returning FFXIV Players Trying Xbox Open Beta: DON'T DO IT (Yet)

This is your warning not to link a Final Fantasy 14 account to Xbox yet.

Victoria Rose Posted:
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It’s an exciting day for console players wanting to get into Final Fantasy 14, the critically-acclaimed MMORPG with an extended free trial… you know the copypasta by now. Now, after much demand and controversy both, today the FFXIV open beta launches on the Xbox Series X|S. 

But if you have an account already, and are hoping to get into the beta test, here’s some advice: 



We here at MMORPG.com care for you and your beloved toons that you’ve poured hundreds (or thousands) of hours into, which is why we are coming out here to warn you to hold your horses on making that Xbox beta account. 

Why? If you’ve ever tried to link your PlayStation FFXIV account to a PC one, you may know why due to the weird compatibility issues, but let us explain again in simpler terms. 

If you link your Xbox account to an FFXIV or Square Enix account generally, That Is The Only One That Will Be Allowed On That Xbox Account. 

You CANNOT Undo This Link. 

If you jump the gun and mess this up, this is bad. Why? 

  • You will need a new Xbox account to link to your old FFXIV account. 
  • You will need to pay for a new Xbox Games Pass subscription to access that new account for FFXIV
  • You will be upset at these matters. RIP Achievements. 

This is the way it’s been on Playstation, by the way: you can only link one FFXIV/Square Enix account to each Playstation/Sony account. Hell, Steam is worse, because you can only link one set of characters to your Steam account; at least you can use your PC launcher accounts on PS, and vice-versa. 

If you truly MUST join the beta, you should probably make an entirely new Xbox account and Square Enix account to be safe. It’s only possible for this open beta, though; once this beta’s done, you’ll have to get a Games Pass sub. At that point, it’ll hopefully be possible to link your Square Enix account to that other Xbox account and go about things as expected. 

You’ve been warned. We’re just the messengers. 

You’re welcome. 


Victoria Rose

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