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PSA: Elyon's Closed Beta Client Now Available To Download Ahead Of Test This Week

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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If you've got access to Elyon's first closed beta test which starts up on May 6th, you can start to download the beta today to get ahead of the game when it goes live in two days.

Elyon's first Western closed beta test kicks off on May 6th and will run through May 10th. The MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm will see its English version tested in both North American and Europe for the first time since the MMO released to the Korean market last year. The MMO has changed a ton since it was first unveiled as Ascent: Infinite Realm back in 2017, with Elyon doing away with some of the steampunk, airship combat and concepts from its initial reveal. 

Elyon itself is available to download for those who have access by simply logging into their account on the official website. Thankfully, if you had a Black Desert Online account before Pearl Abyss took over the publishing earlier this year, that account will still work. Once logged in a "Download" button will appear at the top of the site, letting players pre-load the beta so come May 6th all there is left to do is hop in and check out the upcoming MMORPG.

Recently Elyon held an AMA on Reddit talking about what players can expect from the MMO coming this year. Some highlights of the AMA included the plans to potentially incorporate the old airship combat and content from the A:IR days (currently there aren't any plans to do so), as well as talked PvP and PvE content, how dailies are handled and developed and more. 

If you're participating in the beta, Kakao has posted an extensive FAQ about the beta itself, as well the full beta schedule. Testing begins at 8am EDT/5am PDT on May 6th and runs till 4am EDT/1am PDT on May 10th. For those looking forward to checking out how the Ruby (RE: Cash shop) will work in this test, it won't be available, though Kakao will be providing some cash shop items to players during either an NPC event or through in-game mail throughout the test.


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